Tuesday, 6 January 2015

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I know. It's been a while and I'm sorry. Happy New Year to you and all that. Last year I juggled several projects whilst writing the fictional blog into a novel. I think you'll enjoy where I've taken it (or rather it took me) but more on that another time.

Still found time, however, to buy a vintage dress or two (naturally) and thought you might like to see this one. Definitely one for my collection.

It's a 1950s gem complete with original cardboard tag sewn onto a ribbon inside; something I only discovered when trying the dress on. Made. My. Summer.

I was a bit worried about preserving the tag whilst washing the dress but, as you can see, I'm happy to report that, post a gentle, slightly awkward hand wash, both the dress and tag are as they were. 


OK, enough teasing, here it is slightly crumpled from its journey to me but still gorgeous (far too excited to get it on to do anything as sensible as iron it first). Forgive me Mum.

However, when I did attempt to iron it (inside out, on low heat through a muslin cloth), it smoothed out perfectly. And, since it's a special one, I wore it to the christenings of two of my godchildren. But to be honest this is one of those dresses worth creating an occasion for.

Updated it with bea - uuu- tiful heels and clutch from Kurt Geiger. Ta da. Perfect (lucky) colour match or what? 

Goes without saying, very sad to peel self out of dress on both those occasions. Oh well, at least the latest dress to arrive at Aspinall Towers is more of an every day sort of vintage dress. Though the day I have planned for it next is anything but an every day sort of day! More on that next time.

I have Rokit to thank for the Coronette Frocks beauty. Searching online, although sometimes a little hit and miss, has turned up some of my favourite dresses. Visit www.rokit.co.uk/blog for Rokit's own blog. While you're there it might be worth having a rummage through Rokit yourself.

Until next time,
Jules x


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I wrote a screenplay for eighties icon Michael J. Fox. I was nine. It never made it (out of the house). I've written ever since: most notably lists for which I am still in rehab. 

When not writing lists I wrote a book about loving somebody else's child, about what it is really like to adopt. It was the book I needed to read. When Daisy met Tommy was published by BAAF in 2010 under pen name Jules Belle. 

Inspiration for the blog? Temptation and vintage dresses. When running Beatific Vintage Dresses (yes it was real) I kept more dresses than I sold (completely understandable) so I decided to do what I do best - keep the rest and write about it. 
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