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Vintage dresses & vintage friends. Vintage heartache & vintage love. Welcome to what was my fictional blog The unveiling of the invisible woman. I wrote and published one chapter a week: when I started I knew my characters and plot but had written no further than the following week's chapter.

As of the 30th November 2012 the original blog was removed to enable me to get on with taking it from blog to novel. Removing it was a hard decision to take because I had such a great (insane) time writing it each week.

However, Annie will be back - in style. In the meantime I have left the photographs: some of which were taken for the original Beatific Vintage Dresses shop. The real life blog posts, written under title Jules and ... whilst taking time out to do so some research (largely concerning vintage dresses - it's a hard life!), are still available to read and I will be adding to my pinterest boards.

A massive thank you to all The Unveiling readers ... Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lithuania, Japan, Cyprus, Macedonia (FYROM), Ukraine, Denmark, Finland, Ecuador, Slovakia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Spain, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Mexico, Croatia, Switzerland, Estonia, Nigeria, Norway, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Poland, Vietnam, Brazil, Venezuela, Ireland, Israel, Bahrain, South Africa, Egypt, New Zealand, China, Jordan, Latvia, Sweden, Cameroon, Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia, India, Qatar, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore and the Philippines. The UK, USA and Russia -thank you so very much! You all kept me going in the first few weeks when everyone else had gone to bed and each deadline fast approaching!

Thank you all again, Jules x

The unveiling of the invisible woman © Jules Aspinall, 2012

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jules and the hermit

Hermit as in me. From here on out I will be hidden away making good use of all the research I have been doing over the past few months and using it to take Annie, her friends and all those dresses from fictional blog to novel; giving it a touch of vintage magic. I hope. 

Recent Paintings and Sketches by David Palumbo:
IX - The Hermit / Me
There were some exciting developments as a result of the fictional blog and I want to get on with giving the story the best chance of getting to publication; to enjoy having the time on it that the very nature of a blog does not allow for: to know I went for it.

Any developments or interesting Unveiling bits and pieces that I can share with you I will post under Updates on The unveiling of the invisible woman and on Facebook. So do pop back from time to time! I will continue to update Pinterest and will leave the fictional blog photographs and the real life Jules and ... posts I wrote whilst researching. 

Thanks so much for being brill :)

Jules x

Not a self portrait, I borrowed The Hermit from this talented chap.

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Thanks for visiting! Sorry you missed the fictional blog The unveiling of the invisible woman but hope you enjoy the website. Best wishes, Jules

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When not writing lists I wrote a book about loving somebody else's child, about what it is really like to adopt. Really my daughter wrote it, she knows all about adoption and had a lot to say on the matter some days and nothing at all when the TV was on. It was the book I needed to read. When Daisy met Tommy was published by BAAF in 2010 under pen name Jules Belle. 

Recently one of my short plays, Mrs Rascal's Ruins, was shortlisted for Cahoots Theatre Company. It didn't make the final list. Damn those lists.

Inspiration for the blog? Temptation and vintage dresses. When running Beatific Vintage Dresses (yes it was real) I kept more dresses than I sold (completely understandable) so I decided to do what I do best... keep the rest and write about it. And the only posting I had to remember to do was the virtual sort but I do miss the house points.

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